The Science of Human Relationships

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Pretty much no content here. Just philosophizing from a 30-something, life-loving, fun individual.

The hilarious aspect of humanity, to me, is the fact that scientists (geniuses, etc, see, I don't even have the correct terminology; I'm way out of my league here.) can break down small bits of data into algorithms (which is basically data DNA?) and then identify aggregates (or particular points of impact?) They are able to understand this by breaking it down, but no one has been able to decode human interactions into a true Science. Many people might say, "Well, what about Psychology or Anthropology??," but how many times are those "social sciences" criticized? That is exactly why they are in a different category than other Sciences. Social Science is largely speculation and highly dependent on cases that came before it, similar to the justice system.  

The key to forming positive relationships is an utter mystery to me. I constantly feel as if I am falling down a flight of stairs. When it gets to me, I focus on my family, especially my dogs and horses, the important people who inspire me, my hobbies and favorite music, and all of the people out there who I could still reach if I decide to keep going, and so on.  

I did make some non-canine friends fairly recently, so, much like the sometime random nature of data bouncing around the internet, I do still have a chance; everyone does. Never give up. Hopefully we meet someday.