Yixian e-commerce's Perfect Diary won the first place in 2022 annual user patriotic makeup brand

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Recently, the 2022 users said the country makeup list released, Yi Xian e-commerce brand perfect diary with innovative brand strategy, diversified quality products, selected "2022 most users patriotic makeup list TOP1".

Recently, the 2022 users said the country makeup list released, Yi Xian e-commerce brand perfect diary with innovative brand strategy, diversified quality products, selected "2022 most users patriotic makeup list TOP1".


According to users, Guocuopin monitors the mental changes of Chinese consumers in real time and in a dynamic manner, understands the width and breadth of users' aesthetic taste, starts from the bottom motivation, uses data analysis and research and development mechanism, penetrates the "fog of user needs", rewards enterprises with brand value as the core, and precisely defines the differentiated brand growth path from different dimensions and levels of users. Effectively obtain a broader space for survival and development, and realize the value management of the brand life cycle.


All along, Yixian e-commerce continues to bring beauty products that meet the needs of users, and is committed to creating a responsible new consumer brand image. And its perfect diary, as a new fashion beauty brand of Yi Xian, has already embedded the vision of "beauty without limits" in the brand DNA.


Through continuous insight into the new needs of users, under the support of the Yi Xian Open Lab research and development system, perfect diary in makeup single products to strengthen the foundation of research and development, upgrade the product force, for consumers to bring different beauty science and technology achievements, create higher quality beauty experience.


In the spring of 2022, the new products of Perfect Diary came out one after another, and the "Spring makeup Promotion and Aesthetic Private Meeting" was held jointly with Ginseng Fruit Photography Exhibition in Shanghai. The famous photographer Liu Xiangcheng and Sun Lei, chief marketing officer of Yixian E-commerce, gathered together to talk about the art of light and shadow and the beauty of Chinese colors.


The "Butterfly" fairy purple plate with a great sense of atmosphere was launched at the scene, which extracted 2022 popular colors as color matching elements, presenting a dreamy and romantic spring makeup trend, attracting many talents to visit and punch in for experience. In addition, there are envelope gift box, shy business card, Original stone series, Red Fox Red brown series, Wild leopard gold brown series and other new products, covering base makeup, lip makeup, eye makeup categories. From makeup with a sense of fashion to beauty makeup with technology, Perfect Diary makes steady progress every step, constantly bringing new surprises to users.


As the first brand of Yixian e-commerce, Perfect Diary has been adhering to the brand concept of "beauty has no limits" since its establishment in 2017, committed to exploring fashion trends, combined with Asian women's facial and skin characteristics, heart for the Chinese young women to develop a series of "high-quality, creative, with a sense of surprise" makeup products.


In September 2021, Yixian E-commerce jointly with the Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, exclusively developed Smart LOCK makeup LOCK technology. Smart LOCK is unique in its ability to "absorb oil without absorbing makeup".


As the center of Yixian Open Lab research and development system, it is SmartLOCK Smaro makeup lock technology jointly developed by Yixian e-commerce and Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2022, a new breakthrough is achieved. The new antioxidant formula of technology is applied in "Pearl" makeup lock loose powder to meet consumers' demand for makeup base and color.


According to the annual report data show, as the company's second growth curve of skin care business, by the end of the third quarter, Yi Xian e-commerce in 2022 R D investment has exceeded 100 million yuan, the investment ratio in the head of Guomui makeup group, and the average proportion of global industry R D investment is flat. And by the end of March 2022, Yixian E-commerce has 121 patents worldwide, including 39 invention patents (some of which are in the process of transfer).


The award of "Top 1 of the most patriotic makeup list by users in 2022" is not only an affirmation of brand strength and market reputation, but also reflects that Yixian e-commerce attaches great importance to brand building and investment in research and development innovation for a long time. Under the corporate vision of creating a "health and beauty explorer in the new technology era", Yixian e-commerce sticks to its own long-term value, walks on the right channel of high-quality development, and is committed to becoming the leader of beauty in China.