Perfect diary "wild leopard" plate, create wild modern makeup, full of personality

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A brown eye makeup is definitely the norm for an ambient look. If spring and summer makeup is based on fresh and lively, then autumn makeup, is more casual lazy and advanced delicate sense.

A brown eye makeup is definitely the norm for an ambient look. If spring and summer makeup is based on fresh and lively, then autumn makeup, is more casual lazy and advanced delicate sense.


Therefore, makeup can not be careless in such a beautiful season. In the overall makeup, eye makeup is especially important, and eyeshadow plays a key role. Different colors, textures and shades can make eye makeup show different looks.


There are so many perfect diary discovery eyeshadow plates on the market! The publicity is also dazzling, looking at the novel, but buy back the actual use of a few plates, today my main purpose is to give you to avoid buying more idle problem, directly give you in my many eyeshadow plate to choose a classic everything, play makeup necessary and other characteristics are particularly suitable for a plate of eyeshadow, teach you not to buy wrong, not to buy heavy!


When it comes to eyeshadow plate, the first thing to consider should be the texture of the eyeshadow plate, if the eye shadow is very pink, but also not easy to make up, we should not consider it. In fact, every brand will have a little bit of the problem of flying powder, so to some extent we can ignore, but not on makeup is a very headache, I bought an eyeshadow plate before, whose we don't say, the powder is very rough, but also not color, flash is very big, very not suitable for daily makeup, It's been idle since I bought it.


A good eyeshadow plate, to pay attention to the quality of the product, otherwise painted on the face is not card powder is halo makeup, a day of good mood is destroyed. Heard recently out of a relatively hot eyeshadow plate, a lot of makeup bloggers have bought back to try, it is said that the effect is good, very well received, this is not a small series I was grass, do not say quality, on this package is really long in the small series of aesthetic points, not much to say, directly to the point, today's protagonist is - perfect diary "wild leopard" plate.


Mention the perfect diary, we should all know, before the animal eye shadow plate is also very hot, every eye shadow plate has its own characteristics, this year out of the 15th animal eye shadow plate - wild leopard plate. Xiaobian was first attracted by its appearance level, a very handsome wild leopard standing in the grass, once locked the target, will attack at full speed, a fatal move, she has an elegant and vigorous posture and extremely explosive wild charm, come and go freely, difficult to capture, out of control, the city is her playground, very cool.


This eyeshadow plate is mainly based on the design concept of awakening the wild self. It presents multi-gradient, high saturation and wide color gamut makeup, creating practical and personalized golden brown color matching, adapting to multiple skin tones and scenes, creating leopard makeup with advanced wild beauty. This eyeshadow is perfect for those who prefer European and smoky eyes. It will bring out your wild beauty, sexy and sexy.


The powder of the wild leopard plate has been comprehensively upgraded on the basis of the original, adding the cream to powder technology, which is suitable and does not fly powder, and ensures the makeup effect while the color is good and the delicate makeup is always maintained. One color dual use drill flash ointment, not dry good dizzy dye, a variety of texture smooth paste skin, very color; Rich gold brown with autumn and winter essential popular color, wide color gamut, variable eye makeup, easy to hand. And eyeshadow plate includes pearlescent and matte texture, as shadow and highlight are very can be used, a plate multi-purpose, for the novice sisters is also very friendly, earth color, yellow and black sisters at ease into the texture of refreshing not pull dry, easy to dizzy dye, and the price is not expensive, interested sisters really can rest assured to buy. Whether you like gentle makeup or love wild makeup can easily Get.